State of Texas, Travis County, and City of Austin Recognized the Vietnamese flag


Part 1 : Introduction: On Veterans Day 11/11/2004, the State of Texas, Travis County and City of Austin simultaneously issued proclamations to recognize the Republic of Vietnam flag as Heritage and Freedom flag of the Vietnamese Americans. The ceremony was held at the south step of Texas Capitol attended by thousands of people including the highest ranking officials of the State.

Part 2 : More than 300 Vietnamese Americans from major cities of Texas took part in the parade and celebration.

Part 3: Thousands of people converged at the South side of the bridge over Colorado river on Congress Avenue.

Part 4: Before the Parade begins.

Part 5: This is the biggest gathering of Vietnamese Americans in Veterans Day Celebration. The 300+ people in the group led by Mr. Michael Do.

Part 6: Vietnamese Americans from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio…

Part 7: Parade on Congress Avenue

Part 8: The Yellow flags covered the whole Congress Avenue

Part 9: The Parade ended at the gate of Texas Congress

Part 10: US National Anthem

Part 10: After receiving the Proclamation from Ms. Jackie Goodman, Austin Mayor Pro Tem; In his remark, Mr. Michael Do thanked everyone involved then started the Vietnamese Anthem while the whole audience stood up(sorry for the audio, due to the low quality of the DVD)