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Khổng Giáo, Một Triết Lý về Cách Xử Thế

Đỗ Văn PhúcKhongTu

Khổng giáo, một cái tên rất thông thường để gọi của Nho giáo, là một triết lý đã đóng vai trò chỉ đạo trong đời sống chính trị xã hội của Trung Hoa trong hơn 25 thế kỷ qua. Nó đã chiếm một chỗ đứng rất quan trnọg, và được xem như là một tọn giáo ở Trung Hoa cũng như tại nhiều nước Á Châu khác. Continue reading Khổng Giáo, Một Triết Lý về Cách Xử Thế

Confucianism as an Ethical Philosophy

By Michael DoConfucious

Confucianism is another common name of the Ju philosophy that has dominated Chinese social and political life for more than 25 centuries. It has occupied an important place, which is considerable to that of religion in China as well as many other Asian countries. Therefore, eighty percent of the Chinese people say that their religion is Confucianism when asked. Confucianism is indeed a system of ethical and political teachings, for its concerns are “man” and the relationship between men in a society. Lester Mondale, in his book “The Enduring Humanism of Confucianism,” says: “First for him [Confucius] was humankind, and first among his concerns for humankind was this life.” (p. 34) Continue reading Confucianism as an Ethical Philosophy

Jack London’s To Build a Fire

By Michael Dotobuildafire

Each of Jack London’s short stories is a valuable lesson about life and natural laws. As said by the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau: “Man is (physically as weak as) a reed, but he is a reed that thinks.” (L’homme n’est qu’un Roseau, mais un Roseau pensant.) The history of humankind is that of persistent struggles for life. Facing the powerful and mysterious nature, men are so tiny, weak, and fragile. However, thanks to the strength of thoughts and will, men have subdued and controlled nature to exploit its energies to serve the needs that have been increased. Ideas help men’s ability to develop, and a strong will helps men’s strength multiply. Except for the universe of which the mystery we have not discovered yet, anything on earth must have its limit; so are men’s strength and ability. Continue reading Jack London’s To Build a Fire

Ambrose Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

By Michael Do62cf9d7dd7f1d5cec28414493b31091c

If there is any distance between life and death, then what may happen with a dying human’s thoughts in this very moment before he gives up the ghost?

In “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” Ambrose Bierce told us the story of the wandering soul of a man whose body was swinging like a pendulum beneath the timber of the Owl Creek Bridge. Continue reading Ambrose Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge