Tranh Luận Lần Thứ 6 giữa các UCV Đảng Cộng Hoà

REpĐỗ Văn Phúc bình luận cho Đài Phát Thanh Việt Nam

Cuộc tranh luận lần thứ 6 giữa các UCV đảng CH tối thứ Năm 14/1/2016 vừa qua tại South Caroline. Gần 20 ngày đến Iowa Caucus.

7 vị đợt 1: Donald Trump (37%), Ted Cruz (20%), Marco Rubio (13%), Ben Carson (12%), Jeb Bush (5%), Chris Christie (4%),  John Kasick (3%)

4 vị đợt 2: Mike Huckabee (2%), Carly Fiorina (2%) , Rick Santorum (1%), (Rand Paul (3%) not show up)

Điều hợp: Maria Bartiromo, Neil Cavuto

(Xin thành thật cáo lỗi vì lý do cận giờ trực tiếp truyền thanh nên chúng tôi  phát biểu  dựa trên các dữ kiện ghi lại từ báo chí Anh Ngữ và đã không chuẩn bị bài dịch qua tiếng Việt như thường lệ. Xin nghe qua Audio))

 Trong những phút đầu tiên, các UCV lên tiếng về Democrats: President Obama và Hillary Clinton.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie chê bài diễn văn đầu năm của Obama (State of the Union) “Chuyện huyền hoặc”

Tư Cách ứng cử của Ted Cruz được nêu ra: Trump has made in which he questioned whether Cruz, the Texas senator, who was born in Canada, is constitutionally eligible to be president.

Di Dân:

Cáo giác nhau về vấn đề thay đổi trong chính sách di dân: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz continued their feud over immigration late into Thursday’s debate before both senators went on the offensive on a variety of topics.

Rubio defended his work on a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill, saying the world was a different place when he was working on the failed legislation in 2013.

Phê bình nhau về việc thuận và chống trong chính sách thuế: Rubio and Cruz sparred over taxes, with Rubio referencing Reagan and calling Cruz’s plan a “blindfold” to hide costs.

“It is a tax you find in many countries in Europe,” he added, labeling Cruz’s plan a VAT (value added tax)

Cruz returned fire, calling his plan a “business flat tax” instead and saying “Marco’s top tax rate is 35 percent” — much higher than his 10 percent flat tax.

Hàng Rào Quan Thuế

Debate is still focused on China and trade. Kasich, who governs Ohio, a manufacturing state, said he wants rules to ensure protections for American workers.

“Let’s demand open trade but fair trade,” he said.

Rubio then got into the conversation, rebuking Trump who wants to impose heavy tariffs against China. Rubio said, “We need to be very careful with tariffs” because the cost will be passed on to the American consumer.

The moderators agreed with Rubio and asked Trump about the cost impact of tariffs, which Trump said wouldn’t happen because China will cave and “let their currency go up.”

Bush becomes engaged in the conversation, saying the risk is too high for tariffs and that “someone with a steady hand to be president of the United States.”

Trump didn’t take that to well, hitting Bush right back.

“We don’t a need a weak person to be president of the U.S.; we don’t need Jeb,” Trump said.

The crowd booed.

 Cấm người Muslim:

Trump giữ lập trướng dứt khoát chống di dân Muslim. Asked if he could reconsider his proposed ban on Muslim immigration, Trump gave a flat “no.”

Jeb Bush: nhiều đồng minh có đa số dân là Muslim. “some of the country’s most important allies around the world have majority Muslim populations.”

Kasich ngưng cho di dân Syria, nhưng xem không phải ai Muslim cũng là đáng ngại. (supports a pause on Syrian refugees but that not all Muslims should be lumped together.)

Christie không chấp nhận tị nạn Syria ( wants no Syrian refugees. “We’re not going to keep everybody out, we’re going to keep the bad ones out.”)

Cruz added that he understands why Trump introduced the idea of a ban but then pivoted to his national security proposals and his legislation to prevent refugees controlled by ISIS or al Qaeda.

Carson hứa sẽ xét lại chính sách di dân (To get “a group of experts together” to come up with new immigration guidelines.)

Chính Sách Ngoại Giao

Ben Carson, who is not the most well-versed candidate on the stage in foreign policy, outlined his foriegn policy plan, which resembled components of his challengers proposals.

– Ask the commanders on the ground how to defeat ISIS.

– Take their oil.

– Remove strict rules about when and where to bomb.

Then Christie was asked what to do about Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad. He said Assad needs to go.

“You’re not going to have peace in Syria with Assad in charge,” Christie said.

Kasich’s foreign policy: ‘Strength, but you gotta be cool’

Jeb Bush said the next president must signal to the world that the U.S. is “back in the game.”

In debates and on the campaign trail, Republicans have been quick to blame President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for chaos around the world. Bush argued that the current admiration has weakened the military.

Kiểm soát vũ khí:

Trump: Lỗi là do người, không phải do súng đạn (The guns don’t pull the trigger)

Donald Trump và Jeb Bush ủng hộ Tu Chính Án số 2..

Trump said he can see no reason to put more limitations on gun sales. Both Trump and Bush stressed that the country’s focus should be on mental health as a means to prevent mass shootings.

“The guns don’t pull the trigger, it’s the people that pull the trigger,” Trump said.

Tấn công cá nhân:

Trump – Cruz,

Trump và Bush về Thuế quan đối với Trung Hoa.

Rubio vs Cruz: Rubio cho rằng chương trình của Cruz che đậy cái gọi là Thuế Trị giá gia tang Value Added tax). Cruz cho hay đó là Business flat tax, và cho hay Rubio ấn định mức thuế cao nhất 45%, trong khi ông ta ấn định 25%.

Rubio: cải thiện An Sinh Xã Hội, Cruz: ông đã từng có cơ hội mà.

Rubio vs Christy: Rubio cho rằng Christie cổ vũ cho những chương trình mà Obama ủng hộ (gun control, cho tiền Planned Parenthood, bổ nhiệm Sonia Sotomayor,…. Christie: Làm Governor khác với Senator. Christie suggested that senators “talk and talk and talk” while governors such as himself are “held accountable for everything you do.”

Ben Carson né tránh câu hỏi liên quan đến Bill Clinton và vợ.

Lời cuối cùng

Kasich: “All of my career, I’ve thought about giving voice to the people I grew up with and the people who elected me… I will continue to fight for you, because you’re the ones that built our country and will carry it into the future.”

Bush: “Who can you count on to make us safer, stronger and freer? …. I ask for your support to build together a safer and stronger America.”

Christie: “We need someone who can get up on that stage in September and fight Hillary Clinton and make sure she never, ever gets into the White House again. I’m the man who can bring us together to do that. “

Carson: “We are not going to solve this problem with politics. We are going to solve it with We the People.”

Rubio: “This country is changing. It feels different. It feels like we are being left out… If we elect the right person, if you elect me, we will turn this country around, we will reclaim the American Dream

Cruz: “’13 Hours.’ Tomorrow morning, a new movie will debut about the incredible bravery of the men fighting for their lives in Benghazi and the politicians who abandoned them… I will have your back.”

Trump: “If I’m president, there won’t be stupid deals anymore. We will make America great again. We will win with everything we do.”


So sánh UCV hai đảng

In Iowa:

Clinton – Trump 48 percent to 40 percent , but Sanders (51 percent to 38 percent);

Cruz – Clinton – (47 percent to 43 percent), but Sanders – (47 percent to 42 percent);

Rubio – Clinton (47 percent to 42 percent), (44 percent to 44 percent).

In New Hampshire:

Clinton – Trump (45 percent to 44 percent), but Sanders (56 percent to 37 percent);

Cruz – Clinton (48 percent to 44 percent), but Sanders (55 percent to 36 percent);