Where I Am From

by Dzuy Do

I am from my dad, who fought hard in the Vietnam War.duy2014

I am from my mom who raised three kids – not including me –

When my dad was in prison for his loss in the battle.

I am from the land of the freedomless where I was born,

But struggling because my family just landed here without any money.

I am from the childhood of growing up with two big brothers and a big sister

Who always cared and loved me no matter what

Taught me everything and stuck up for me as I got picked on, in the bad neighborhood.

I am from respect, which taught me a lot,

Using please, thank you, and sorry leads me to good path in life.

Letting people know my honor

I am from my first dog Lilly

I loved her so much that I thought she would never leave me.

Walked her everyday for her health,

Fed her every morning for her taste,

Played with her everyday for her motions,

One night she fell asleep on me and never woke up.

I was upset for at least a week and will never forget Lilly.

I am from my swing

That my dad built for me.

Memories were made there when my mom and me pushed each other back and forth.

We were always looking forward to playing after dinnertime,

As we ran to the swing to see who got there first.

I am the basketball court down the street,

Where I played with friends and learnt what competition is.

I am from my dream of playing pro,

After learning how to play basketball as I dribbled, passed, and shot.

I am from street football,

Where I learned what pain was after getting tackled and torn up.

I am from my other dream to play professional football as I caught, ran, and hit.

I am from my hero, my dad

Who picked up his life after going to college for 8 years,

Always learning as much as he could,

Going from an assembler to an engineer and providing everything we need

I am from the delicious smell of my mother’s cooking every evening

When I come home from a long day of school.

I am from my sister, who is so systematic.

From studying her as she has everything organized and clean.

I learnt to be helpful around the house and do choirs,

She who tries so hard to please my parent.

I am from my brother’s toughness,

As they tell me to get up when I cry,

To be a man not a wimp,

Not to be scared when I am worried.

I am from my wonderful true friends

As they help me in my struggles and frustration.

My friend Steven,

With whom, I share my ideas, funny time, troublesome, and girls with.

I am from my old town Pflugerville,

Since the age 12, when I moved here in a brand new house.

Where I play, study, clean, and relax with my family.

Where we share our past, present and future, sitting near the fireplace.

Every Sunday my big family come together and watch football,

With laughs, beers, and cheers.

I am from Pflugerville Middle School,

Where I was undefeated in basketball, football, and track both 7th and 8th grade years.

I am from making new friends here,

Not being overly selective of my friends, but letting everyone in.

I am from my girlfriend ….,

Since April 8 was the beginning of the relationship.

She’s where I spend all my time and money on.

We made it through the tough time and sad time

Still getting better everyday,

As for right now, she’s the one I love.

I am from the football field of Kuempel stadium.

Where I started my dream,

Blowing out all of our competitors; we hold a record of 9 to 0.

Still remaining an undefeated team.

I am from class of ’06,

Still a fishy, but it’s just the beginning.

Following my dad’s step,

I work hard and fight to end.

Zuy Do