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Remembering the ARVN

A collection of Patches, Badges, Insignia, Medals, Decorations of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces.

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A Collection of the Patches, Badges, Insignia, Decorations and Medals of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (1955-1975). It took the author almost 30 years to collect, rework, touch up thousands of images. We made this collection to dedicate to the members of the ARVN who fought persistently and bravely in Vietnam War. This work is also to pass down to the next generations the legacy of suffering but courage of the soldiers of South Vietnam Armed Forces.The book is 185 pages with 2700 colorful images including a photo album of the ARVN typical activities.


Contact: [email protected], or 512-437-1193

Now available on Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Remembering-ARVN-Collection-Republic-Decorations/dp/1653303433