Objection to the teaching of Critical Race Theory

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To  Congressman hay Senator…

Ref: Opposing the Teaching of Critical Race Theory at Schools.

Dear Congressman, (hay Congresswoman)

The liberal Democrats have been promoting the Critical Race Theory (CRT) and forced it to be taught at public schools in the United States.

We, Vietnamese who left our motherland since the Communists took power in 1975, are very scared of the Marxism theory and Communism in which the Class Struggle is the major element that led to the horrible bloodshed in the 20th century in Soviet Union, China, as well as other Communist countries including our Vietnam.

The Critical Race Theory is similar to the Communist Class Struggle. It stirs up the hatred of the oppressed against oppressors and calls for a retribution. The slavery in American history was the sad phenomenon of the past. But the Americans have fixed this problem and declared equality, giving all the civil rights to all citizens no matter of race or skin color.

The United States in the 20th century became the icon of democracy, the role model in political structure that the whole world admired and learned from.

We know for sure the CRT is used as a political tool and propaganda of the far left wing of Democratic Party in order to erase US history. Their goal is to establish a socialist society which had failed in many communist countries and several North European countries.

We respectfully urge you to stand up to oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory. By doing so, you will save our children from being brainwashed by the evil theory, and also save our beautiful country from the dark era of Socialism.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards.