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Ho Chi Minh! What is his true identity?

by Michael Do

Many Americans still think the Vietnam War was unjust. They see Ho Chi Minh as a Vietnamese patriot whose only objective was the independence of his country. Thus, they believe that the US government sent combat troops to fight against Vietnam (or Vietnamese people) rather than the real enemies of the Free World.

Ho Chi Minh and his master Mao Tse Tung

This is to prove that the real enemies of the United States in the Vietnam War were the communists who embraced the Marxist ideology.  This also proves that Ho Chi Minh was not a good guy as he maliciously disguised himself, but only a devil who heartlessly murdered hundreds of thousands of his fellow people in the name of Socialism and who launched the bloody war that resulted in 3 million deaths to serve the goal of Communist International.

Ho Chi Minh! What is his true identity?

Who were our true enemies?

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The National Vietnam War Museum

The National Vietnam War Museum at Mineral Wells, Texas.

Bản Việt Ngữ bên dưới

Michael Do

Nine months ago, on June 25, 2022, a group of dozens of Vietnamese Americans from Fort Worth arrived at Mineral Wells to attend the Opening Ceremony of The National Vietnam War Museum. Mineral Wells is a small city that is located about 40 miles west of Fort Worth. Viewing several photos taken at the venue, I was somewhat disappointed when seeing some exhibits on our enemies but a very rare thing about the ARVN’s soldiers who played the major role and suffered the ultimate sacrifice in the Vietnam War. I wrote an article to express my sadness and published it on the web and in many Vietnamese papers and magazines.

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